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How to Care for a Magnolia Tree

Magnolia Trees, both deciduous and evergreen, are one of the most eye-catching trees to have on your property – so much so that they will even add value when it comes time to sell. While they might look like cherry blossoms, magnolia flowers are much larger making these trees a sight to behold! They are fairly low maintenance and will a few little tricks they will stand out stunningly.

Magnolia Flowers in New South Wales

Plant in sunlight

Magnolias thrive best in full sun so be sure to plant one in your sunniest spot. It’s also a good idea to position it so that it reduces sun glare into your home.

Use mulch

Mulch will help keep your tree moist and soil nutrient rich, which will result in healthy and beautiful blooms.

Care for surrounds

A magnolia tree will stand out even more if it is surrounded by more beauty on a well cared for lawn.

Underplant with spring bulbs

Soft coloured springtime blooms will work well with magnolias to provide a gorgeous spring time display. Make sure to plant shade loving plants under your tree as it will soak up all of the sunlight and provide only shade below.


Deciduous vs Evergreen

Not sure what the difference is between these two magnolia breeds? Deciduous magnolias vary by season and come to life in spring with tulip shaped blooms (there are no flowers in other seasons). Evergreen magnolia flower throughout the year and can grow in most areas.