3 Guaranteed Ways to Make a Small Space Appear Larger

Compact homes and spaces require thoughtful design to remain functional yet spacious. Some pieces of furniture and decor are just not necessary so it does also require smart sacrificing. We did a bit of research to see how home stagers tackle small spaces before open homes to help you feel more comfortable in your own home.


Go large with accessories

While memorabilia, throws, pictures, and cushions look great – they can make a space feel cluttered & crapped. When it comes to accessorizing, aim for larger accessories rather than small and many. It’s also a good idea to stick with one or two colours rather than an array.


Use colour wisely

Light neutral colours brighten up a room so much that it looks spacious. Dark colours can work if used wisely, but usually make a space appear more cramped. It’s also best to stick with a similar colour scheme for furniture and finishings. 

Minimise furniture

Have enough seating to accommodate the family, and keep all other furniture at a minimum. Try redistributing pieces of furniture around the house if you can. Otherwise, it’s best to sell, donate, or put some in storage. Less is best when it comes to adding space.