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5 Grasses for Australian Lawns

There’s nothing like stepping out of your house onto a fresh and beautifully maintained lawn to relax and play on. To achieve the lawn you’ve envisioned, there are several factors to consider including climate, positioning, tolerance, and soil. Without properly thinking it through, you can inconveniently end up with unhealthy grass requiring high maintenance.


The following types of lawn are the most popular here in Australia…


Fescue Grass

For the cooler climates (including frosty) and ornamental lawns, Fescue Grass is the ultimate option.

Fescue Grass in the Garden in NSW


Bermuda Grass

Mostly used on sports fields and tennis courts, Bermuda Grass is great for the lazy gardener as it doesn’t require much water or repair. It suits both cold and warm climates as well.

Growing Bermuda Grass in Central Coast NSW


Kikuyu Grass

If your garden has full sun around the clock, then you can consider Kikuyu Grass. Normally found on golf courses and park, this grass is strong and reliable as long as it stays away from shade!

Kikuyu Grass in NSW


Zoysia Grass

Best for coastal gardens and dry climates, Zoysia Grass is strong for harsh conditions and heavy foot traffic. It’s also salt resistant hence why it works great near the coast and even near a swimming pool.

Zoysia Lawngrass in Gosford, NSW


Buffalo Grass

Saved the best for last…soft to touch Buffalo Grass is tough to withstand all seasons and temperatures. It repairs quickly and doesn’t attract pests easily. Being low maintenance, it’s a great choice for a family lawn.

Buffalo Grass Lawns in Gosford, NSW


Before planting, it’s best to decide whether you should start with turf or seed as not all grasses can be grown from seed. Turf is convenient and allows the lawn to grow evenly all around.