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5 Tips to Storing Jewellery

We’re always so focused on organising our cupboards and closets that we forget about the little accessories that are floating around, like jewellery. While it’s best to discard clothing that no longer brings joy, jewellery is small enough to keep as long as it’s stored well to prevent tangles and to make it easier when searching for the right piece/s. These organisation tips will make outfit planning more fun and may even have you looking more stylish!

Jewelry Box Green Velvet in the Room in NSW


While you don’t need to discard jewellery because it doesn’t take up much space, it’s still worth losing the pieces you for sure won’t wear again. This is just to keep your collection simple so it’s easy to choose what to wear.


Store necklaces with necklaces, earrings with earrings, rings with rings, etc. When you store your jewellery categorically in separate boxes it’s a lot easier to find things. 


If you’re putting pieces away in boxes, make sure it is stored so that you can see it all. Not only will this make it easier, it will prevent messes and even damage to your jewellery.


If you want to get creative, you can make a display with your favourite most-used jewellery. Who doesn’t love gems and gold for decor?


It’s worth investing in actual jewellery storing trays or boxes – they help keep things organised and some even look good on display.

Jewely Organized in Drawer in the Teenage Room in Central Coast