6 Great Balcony Design Ideas

If you don’t have a big garden or outdoor area, but you do have a balcony – you must make the most of it! Despite it being winter, balconies are a great place at home to relax, drink, and soak in sunny rays. With a little love and attention, yours can be your favourite nook. And if you don’t have a balcony, it’s possible to create this relaxing space indoors.


To enjoy your balcony (or any other nook) all year round even on the coldest days, positioning yourself in the sun is key. Apart from sun, you’ll also want privacy, comfortable seating, plants, and some shade for when it gets too hot. We’ve checked out various style balconies to give you these design ideas (remember, they can work indoors as well as long as you make the space for it).



If you have the space, why not have seating for both relaxing and dining so you can really make the most of it?



Lush greenery makes a space more peaceful. Plants in minimally designed pots give a clean natural look to go with any design.



If you’re into modern & clutter free then it’s best to keep it minimal with a sleek design. At the end of the day, you really just need a place to sit.



To make your balcony cozy, you want it to feel like the coziest room indoors. Adding a stylish rug along with pillows and throws will help you achieve that.



To achieve a fun & eclectic look, add lots of colour and don’t worry about matching. This makes for a fun social spot to entertain rather than just relax.



For a light and delicate style to keep one calm, anything hanging to achieve that airy feel is a great idea. Including the good old hammock paired with fairy lights, wind chimes, and a canopy is oh so whimsical!