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7 Trending Features to Help Sell Your Home

Trends are trends for a reason – they appeal to mainstream society so it’s no surprise that following home trends will give your house a push when it comes time to sell. At the moment, it’s all about the outdoors with summer on the way and with people needing to be outside after these lockdown times. It’s also no surprise that home offices made the list! The pandemic has really transformed homes to be more livable than ever. 


Outdoor dining area

Space in the garden is highly desired as people see more value in eating and entertaining outdoors nowadays.

Rattan Outdoor Furniture Dinning Set in Central Coast, NSW


Home office

With remote working and studying on the rise, home offices are becoming essential. 


Home gym

Another post pandemic shift, many realised just how convenient it is to exercise at home and with virtual fitness platforms available, a home gym or exercise studio will get plenty of use.


Garden room/sleep out

Thanks to holiday home apps, like Air bnb, there has been an increase in separate living spaces. These outdoor rooms can be used for guests, for an additional income, and for a change of scene.


Vegetable garden

Lifestyles are leaning towards sustainability and well not everyone knows how to start a vegetable garden. It’s a bonus when a home already has a healthy one going.


Multifunctional spaces

We mentioned gyms and offices, but not all homes are large enough for everything! Any sort of space that can have various use with minimal effort in transformation is very desirable.


Built in storage

Marie Kondo has set a new bar when it comes to organisation in the home. Simple closets and drawers are slowly transforming into built in storage units to prevent clutter, chaos, and stress.

Empty Wardrobes Inside the Room in NSW