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Clever Cabinet Alternatives To Switch Up Your Kitchen Design

Don’t get us wrong – kitchen cabinets are an essential storage solution, but modern day kitchen design has proven you don’t necessarily need them throughout. New clever alternatives have emerged as design thinking and materials have evolved. Cabinets that usually require bending down or tiptoeing to get things out aren’t the most user friendly option.


If you’re wondering if your cabinetry is more inconvenient than helpful, these signs will tell all..


  1. Heaps of expired products at the back of the cupboards 
  2. The need for a step stool (to reach up high)
  3. Various organisers (trays, containers, canisters) to keep trying to make things work


Whether you’re about to renovate your kitchen or want to make your kitchen easier to work in, these three options will provide a solution to improve your kitchen storage. 

Pull out pantry

Oh so convenient, pull out pantries allow you to view everything at one time. This can easily solve the expired food problem, but beware cleaning spilled items can be awkward.

Pull out Panytry with Fixed Front in Kitchen in Central Coast

Hidden pantry

Eye-level and within easy reach, a hidden or integrated pantry blends in without any hassle.

Hidden Walk in Kitchen Pantry in NSW


Drawers don’t have to be just for utensils! If you have drawers with depth, you can even store away bulky items such as appliances.

Drawers & Trays in a Modern Kitchen in Central Coast

If cupboards are a must for you then it’s all about practicality and planning. With the right positioning and organising, a cupboard can just be the perfect solution for your kitchen storage.