Greenery for Coastal Gardens

Do you live by the beach or have a coastal holiday home? If so, you’ll know the challenges your garden faces with sandy soils, strong winds, and exposure to salt so your plants have to be selected carefully. Being by the coast, these gardens should feel relaxed with a retreat kind of feel. With the right plants for this climate, we can easily achieve those beachy vibes.



You’ll want a bit of a messy look to go with the vibe so shrubs and hedge plants make great fillers. Try these salt tolerant plants…

Rosemary (Westringia fruticosa)

Diosma (Coleonema)

Woolly bush (Adenanthos sericeus)



Very low maintenance, succulents are great additions and some even offer colour. Try these easy to maintain plants…


Bear’s paws (Cotyledon ladismithiensis)

Pigface (Carpobrotus)



Grouping succulents and shrubs together with these grass options both protect from coastal elements and look fab.

Coast tussock grass (Poa poiformis)

Orange sedge (Carex testacea)

Fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum)