How to Choose the Best Fire Pit

With winter soon coming to an end, we’re all gearing up to utilise our backyards more. One of the biggest backyard trends at the moment is fire pits and with good reason – they are social, entertaining, and comforting. Fire pits provide entertainment for both you and your guests while keeping everyone cozy and warm with plenty of light! They do come with a price tag so before splurging, it’s worth considering your yard space and design to choose the right pit.



The first thing to consider is where your fire pit can live. You’ll want to choose an area that will be easy to clean up – there will be plenty of soot residue. There should also be plenty of space for seating. Between the ease of cleaning and the comfort for socialising, you will maximise your fire pit usage! And if you are completely put off by the mess they can potentially make, there’s always the alternative of an ethanol fire pit.



As mentioned, seating is important when planning your fire pit entertainment. With the soot and smoke, it’s best to stick with seat materials that are hard wearing such as timber or stone. Flexibility is also key as you’ll want to be able to move closer or further away from the fire so try to avoid fixed seating.



There is such an array of pit designs to choose from so best to stick with something that matches with the rest of the garden in terms of material, shape, and style. Your fire pit is sure to become a main piece of your garden for years to come.