How to Know the Longevity of a Kitchen

If you’re shopping around for a new property that doesn’t require a further investment in renovations, you’ll have to pay close attention to details visually as well as in reports. One of the biggest investments in a home is the kitchen so one that will last over 5 years is most valuable. Between home staging and professional photography, real estate agents sure can sell a kitchen (and home) based on appearance, but that doesn’t speak for its longevity and durability.


So how can you tell whether that kitchen is worth it? Follow these simple steps at that next open home…

Look up, down, and under

Inspecting all around will give you a good indication of a kitchen’s status as long as you look hard enough. When looking up, check to see if the kitchen is well ventilated through signs of water damage, or for grease and/or smoke stains. When looking down, you can determine how well the kitchen has been maintained by inspecting flooring and under cupboards/cabinets. For insight into the pipes and plumbing, check under the sink for signs of mould or water damage. It’s also worth going down into the basement for further inspection,

Test appliances

The electrical system can be in poor condition so a little trick will tell all. Simple turn off all appliances at the same time for a minute or two – if that overloads the circuit then you know the electrical quality isn’t great and may need replacing in the near future.

Sniff it out

Use your nose to determine any other issues. A bad odour is never a good sign so look out for rodent smells, rotting wood, mould, and even urine.