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How to Organise Your Herbs and Spices

In order to cook fast and efficiently, it helps to have everything prepared and ready to go. A simple dinner for two can turn into chaos without organisation especially when it comes to spices. Organising herbs and spices not only make finding them easier, they will also stay fresh longer and we’re sure it will help you enjoy cooking even more. 

While it does take a bit of effort to sort and maintain, a tidy spice collection will make you smile every time you open your pantry. Here’s how to make it happen…


Find a home

Before you get started, figure out where you want your herbs and spices to live. The best way to arrange them is in one row within arms reach when cooking. Tiered racks are also great if you don’t have much space – they look good just sitting on the countertop. For longevity and freshness, they should be stored in a cool dark place away from moisture. You can even designate a full drawer to your herbs and spices.

Organise Herbs and Spices in the Kitchen Drawer in Gosford NSW


Collect consistent jars with labels

You know you want an Instagram worthy spice rack! Using uniform size/shape jars for all spices keeps everything looking neat and with labels, you’re sure not to muck anything up! You can usually find jars in op shops or at Kmart for a reasonable price. If you don’t have much time or even space, there’s nothing wrong with investing in an already made spice rack collection that comes with the jars and lids.

Organised Herbs And Spices Pantry in the Kitchen in NSW

Arrange in order

Whether it’s alphabetically or by cuisine, finding a storage system is another way to make it easier to find what you are looking for (just remember to replace it back to where it belongs)!