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Summer Holiday Decor Ideas

It’s time to get into the holiday spirit and the perfect way to do it is by making your house festive. So much decor is geared towards a wintery Christmas, but you can easily create summer beach-y Christmas vibes – it’s all about the colours and textures.

These decor ideas give that Australian Christmas feel you want this year, especially if you live coastal…

Light & Airy

Forget red and green! Think sand, sea, and sky keeping colours to bright white with shades of blue. These colours give off a relaxed vibe.


No fabric says summer better than linen. It is lightweight, breathable, and looks summery fresh! Linen stockings are a great way to incorporate this fabric into your holiday decor.

Hanging Fabric Socks Design in the Windows in Central Coast

Delicate Wreath

Following up with the light and airy theme, a delicate wreath made up of sage, eucalyptus leaves, and white berry really sets the tone for guests when hanging on the door. 

Foggy Morn Candle Ring Hanged in the Living Room in Gosford NSW


Instead of baubles, use coastal decorations – clam shells and starfishes make perfect ornaments! You can get creative here and make these shapes yourself.

Sea Shells Hanging on the Christmas Tree in Central Coast

The Tree

It goes without saying that your main attraction should be your Christmas tree. Following the tips above, you can create a masterpiece! If you want to switch things up & be more sustainable, you can make a tree out of recycled wood or driftwood.

Twisted Wood Design Christmas Tree in New South Wales