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Artform Kitchens is delighted to offer a huge range of products and finishes as part of your new project. Below is a list of the brands we use and trust.
Formica Logo


Formica is the leading provider of branded and perfectly designed surfaces for both commercial and residential customers across the world. They are most famous for the Formica laminate that is a composite material invented at the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the United States in 1912. Formica is the world’s largest manufacturer of High-Pressure Laminate with an international network of design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales operations. Laminate has the benefit of looking like natural stone without the exorbitant price. It also comes in a variety of colours and styles that can fit into your design aesthetic. High pressure laminate is durable and versatile well suited for interior or exterior projects.

They are committed to making high quality products in line with sustainability principles. Ethical standards and protecting vital resources are at the core of the Formica brand and development model. This ensures that architects, designers, and consumers have a full range of environmentally friendly surface products to incorporate in their homes and projects. Formica continues to be at the forefront of using innovation to invest in products that promote a healthier environment. Choose the affordable and versatile laminate surfaces that are durable and easy to maintain.

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Laminex Logo


Laminex provides contemporary products for benchtops, cabinetry, and panels within your home. They have innovative, stylish surface options that can be delivered in a wide range of colours, textures, and finishes. These can be used for benchtops, cabinetry, furniture, and panelling. Laminex products are perfectly crafted to blend in seamlessly in residential or commercial spaces. With the wide range of products and styles available, you will certainly be able to find the flawless laminate product for you. Peruse through the array of choices on their website. There you will be able to see the wide range of colours and finishing. Then incorporate the contemporary products into your ideal vision. Typically, laminate surfaces are used in kitchens, and bathrooms. However then can also be incorporated into exterior surface design.

A key point of the Laminex brand is their commitment to sustainability. They consider the planet from the product manufacturing, building practises, to resource management. Laminex is one of Australia’s biggest producers of wood and paper products. Therefore, they ensure to reduce their carbon and ecological footprint. It is within their values to preserve the unique Australian Environment. Responsible forest management and minimising water use are two of the goals. They also continue to innovate and invest in recycling and reusing programs. This way you can be certain that your new home furnishings are crafted in alignment with the sustainability mission. Laminex proudly carries the Green Cert TM certification and continually updates practises.

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Polytec Logo


Polytec is an Australian based decorative board and laminate brand. They are market leaders thanks to their dedication to research and development. As pioneers within the industry, they constantly create new ranges of products. These products are specifically made for cabinet makers, architects, designers, or consumers. The laminates are for those who look for contemporary and modern materials. After 30 years, Polytec remains one of the fastest growing brands in decorative surfaces. Their products include everything from joinery applications in kitchens, bathroom, laundries, living areas, wardrobes, furniture, and commercial spaces. The materials used are locally and globally curated. Giving the perfect appearance and performance. They are crafted for both horizontal and vertical surfaces in interior and exterior designs.

In addition to premium materials, Polytec commits to innovation of the technology. Their pieces have exquisite combinations of colour, depth, and clarity. Their specialities range from natural stone to over 150 man-made laminates. Whatever option you choose you will provide a luxurious yet affordable feel.

Similarity to other companies working towards a better tomorrow, Polytec prides itself in environmental protection. They strive to foster a sustainable environment and minimise their carbon, material, and water footprint. One of the ways they achieve this is by choosing materials from renewable resources. They also take part in the Responsible Wood Chain. Additionally, they work with recycling and upcycling programs. This minimises their waste to boost affordability and protect the planet. Another aspect of Polytec that makes it stand out is their unparalleled customer service. Therefore, if you are looking for a colour of laminate created responsibly, Polytec is the ideal option for you.

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Blum Logo


This innovative family owned company has crossed national boundaries to become an industry leader. Their driving motivation is to perfect motion in the home. They aim to create seamless transitions and flawless usability in every room. This is achieved by their solution to make opening and closing furniture a luxurious experience. With their range of products your home can transform into elegant and mesmerising pieces. With a focus in kitchens, Blum has gained notoriety for their soft close doors and drawers. For those of us who enjoy a midnight snack, the luxury of not waking up the whole house is unparalleled. Trust in the motion experts to transform your existing space into perfect design.

Their product range is complimented with a wide range of support services. Their lift, hinge, box, and runner systems combine four various motion technologies for effortless results. Therefore, if you are looking to elevate your kitchen or storage spaces to the new level, then Blum is your brand. Invest to create a future orientated space within the home. Say goodbye to hard slamming cupboards and drawers. Instead get used to the modern look, feel, and sound of efficient finishing. The products and services are used by countless businesses and individuals across the world. Blum offers their consumers first class attention and solutions to specific queries. Everyone from furniture manufacturers, furniture buyers, designers, fitters, and end users gain the benefits of Blums attention to detail. The features of the systems and mechanisms may seem small, but Blums products will transform any commercial or residential space. So do not hesitate and see what soft opening and close technology can do for you.

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Caesarstone Logo


Caesarstone is a company that as founded in 1987 near the ancient Roman city of Caesara. Taking inspiration from the regal style of Roman architecture, Caeserstone is now one of the world leaders of Quartz surfaces. Their visually pleasing products are manufactured to suit both residential and commercial interiors. Kitchen bench tops, splash backs, bathroom vanities, wall panelling and furniture are all possible places to exhibit this premium material. Quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. In buildings and design, natural stone or man-made combinations may be used. Caesertone prides itself in their commitment to research and development, keeping them at the fore front within the industry. They are pioneers when it comes to Quartz surfaces and finding the perfect pieces. Their finished products meet the highest quality standards yet are still sold at a reasonable price. Quartz looks classic, has better heat condition, and excellent retail value. It is worth investing in the natural material.

Their innovation and passion for Quartz gives customers a wide range of colours and options to work with. Quartz is world renowned for its resistance to scratches, staining, and damage. It is also low maintenance yet looks striking within the home of commercial setting. It does still need some attention, such as a quick wipe to avoid staining. The wide collection of colours available at Caeserstone can transform a space into a luxurious atmosphere. Caesertone Australia is a fully owned subsidiary of the main manufacturer and has over 90 employees designated to take care of local demand. This means that their sales, distribution, and customer service is specifically geared towards the people of Australia. You can expect first class service to deliver the ideal Quartz into your space. Do not hesitate to request this premium quartz in your next project.

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Smart Stone Logo

Smart Stone

Smart stone is well known for its excellent value of natural stone bench tops and other products. Engineered stone is a perfect alternative to the silicon and oxygen-based Quartz. It is versatility and price point are a popular choice for designers. You can enjoy the luxurious beauty and marble look of stone surfaces, without the exorbitant price tag. This high-quality stone like material remains the ultimate solution for modern living. It has high quality performance with minimal maintenance. These Smartstone options are engineering to harness the beauty of natural materials with the durability of Quartz. Smart stone carry several ranges from essentials at the lowest price point to exclusive that perfectly replicate natural quartz. They even carry a porcelain range exclusively available from Europe. The price points offered by smart stone are based off composition, structure, size, and manufacturing. They are all however of premium quality.

They are the perfect choice for kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities, splash backs, and an endless array of interior design. Smartsone sources it is materials globally to ensure consumers receive the high standard of appearance and performance. Their dedication to durability, sustainability, and innovation allows consumers to depend on their excellent value. If you are looking for a reasonably priced yet versatile material to accent your space, then look no further. Smartstone will certainly have the colour and specifications you require to turn your designs into a luxurious, and timeless vision.

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Corian Logo


Corian provides high tech, solid surface materials to fulfill the needs of an international market. The versatility and designs fit of a variety of projects. Interior mad exterior design can all depend on Corian surfaces. Corian focuses on offering high performance alternatives to conventional surfacing materials. Stone, metal, and glass can be expensive and difficult to work. Instead, Corian created a solid surface containing polymer and natural material blend for high performance and affordable surfacing. The material contains 33% synthetic polymers and a remaining 57% of minerals. Since then The Corian material has gained notoriety in the architecture and design world. These surfaces offer functionality and aesthetics that have captured the eyes, and curiosities of consumers across the world. It’s claimed to fame is that it is a lower priced material than Quartz and other premium countertops. It is more durable than laminate, so many people choose it as an ideal in between option.

Corian is renowned for exceptional versatility, beauty, and limitless applications within design. The material can be used in residential, public, and commercial environments. It is durable and can withstand wear and tear in indoor and outdoor settings. The National distributor of Corian and Timber surfaces in Australia was established in 1998. Since then, the team has built a strong reputation for excellent service and knowledge to guide you on your process. They will be able to provide support all the way from the design to job completion. To maintain their high standards, they also depend on a network of fabricators and installers with thorough knowledge of the material. If you have a specific vision in mind, Corian will have the material colour and design style to suit.

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Quantum Logo

Quantum Quartz

WK is Australia’s leading distributor of engineered and natural stone under the WK stone and Quantum Quartz brands. They have a wide selection of products to choose from. These include extensive colour options, incredible sizes, and a thickness of just 6mm. Some select colours are also available at a thickness of 12mm. The Quantum Quartz porcelain sheets offer the aesthetics, durability, and final products fit for a luxurious home or impressive commercial uses. There are over 40 varieties of the engineered stone Quantum Quartz and 150 varieties of natural stone. The prices vary according the range, but all are offered at a reasonable price.

Natural stone can be extremely heavy, limited in use, and expensive. That is why the engineered stone is a popular option for designers and architects. The engineered stone is a manmade product developed in the 1980s. It’s main component is Quartz. This mineral is known to be one of nature’s strongest materials and ideal for durable surfaces. WKs Quantum Quartz range has over 93% natural quartz along with bonding agents’ pigments, and additives. These combinations allow there to be such a diverse range of colours and shades. There are over 30,000 slabs of stone in the Sydney, Melbourne, or Gold Coast locations. This allows you to choose the pieces specifically for your project. WK can supply the Quantum Quartz stone and tiles for a project of any size. All you need to do is provide specifics by a stone mason. The Quantum Quartz is perfectly suited for bench tops, splash backs, vanities, and any other uses you may envision for your project. It is an architect’s prime choice as it is stylish, low maintenance, and ultra-hygienic.

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Hanstone Logo

Hanstone Quartz

Hanstone Quartz is one of the most desirable materials for benchtops across the world. It is practical, affordable and durable. Hanstone offers more than 40 contemporary colours available with a gloss finish suited for the design trends of today. You can choose to go for a natural timeless look or choose more modern options. Indulge in the rich colour palette with stunning details. This material is created with a 93% natural Quartz combined with rain and sealing agents. The result is a stain, scratch and heat resistance material. No sealing is required during the installation process making it the ideal low maintenance material for high traffic areas. Kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial applications can all benefit from its hygienic and practical properties. Quartz is the premium surface material that far exceeds other imitations and lower cost options.

The stone is manufactures by HanWha L&C corporation with the latest Breton technology. They ensure high quality products consistent in colour, texture, and sheet size. An amazing offer by Hanstone is that their Quartz surfaces are backed by a 10-year limited warranty against manufacturers defects. So if you are looking for a reasonably priced, varied material that can be used anywhere in your project, look no further than Hanstone.

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Talostone Logo


Talostone is a surface material provider that delivers only premium quality products to the market. The finest natural materials and natural colour pigments are used to create the extensive, and impressive Talostone colour range. If you are looking for the finest imitation natural marble colours, then Talostone can deliver. The stone is engineered to have high stain and scratch resistance. This makes it an affordable and durable alternative to natural stone. It is a low maintenance choice with high functionality and versatility. Talostone provides engineered stone suited for projects in both residential and commercial applications. These materials can also be used in indoor or outdoor construction.

The company also works on continuing to improve their technology and keep updated with industry innovations. Talostone also has a commitment to environmental protection. One of their key targets is to improve their manufacturing process and employ the use of new recycled products. This way they can minimise their carbon emissions and waste footprint. This investment provides the users, designers, and architects incomparable quality all while taking care of the planet. Talostone is therefore not only an industry leader, but an innovator for the ultimate design versatility.

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All Stone Logo

All Stone & Glass

All stone & Glass are material suppliers with over 30 years combined experience. Their extensive knowledge provides customers first class service to enhance their home or commercial space. By adding glass or stone to your projects the value of your pretty will increase. That is why All Stone & Glass are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for you. Therefore, they stock an extensive range of colours, patterns, finishes and grains to choose from. They can help in the design process and find the material best suited to your needs. The services provided by All Stone & Glass include manufacture, supply, and installation of the chosen pieces. Their precision and dedication to the craft make them the choice stonemasons for projects.

Glass and stone are premium materials popular in kitchens and bathroom. It can create space, elevate the room, and add an element of luxury. They specialise in kitchen bench tops, bathroom bench tops, glass splash backs, and frameless shower screens. Their range of clients include small domestic orders and large overseas companies. The work can be designed for interior or exterior designs. Allow your project to be transformed with the incomparable service from All Stone & Glass. Whether it be an interior or exterior design, high quality materials excellent installed can elevate the space into a luxurious, classy, and modern feel. Let the experts handle the manufacture and sizing, and simply sit back and choose your future home.

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Hafele Logo


Häfele is an international company synonymous with hardware, fitting systems, and electronic locking systems. Once you have decided on the base materials for your home, it is time to add the final touches that revolutionise the experience. They began operating in 1923 and since have expanded to over 150 countries. Customers from both commercial and residential settings rely on the performance and expertise of Hafële. Architects, planners, builders, furniture makers, joiners, and cabinet makers all choose these hardware systems. Hafële carry over 5000 products as the leading specialists for furniture fittings and architectural hardware. They have everything for the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas on commercial or residential spaces. Designers and builders know that these finishing aspects of buildings are just as important as material choices for foundations. Well designed and trustworthy hardware can transform a project into a user friendly, functional and safe space.

Hafële Australia Pty Ltd is also committed to becoming an environmentally responsible company. They understand their position as industry leaders requires them to drive the way towards sustainability. They dedicate money to research to constantly improve their processes. This way they can minimise the impacts of manufacturing and production on the planet. As industry leaders and innovators, you never know what new products they will bring to the market. However, they are an absolute must have for world class service and experience in hardware.

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The Society Inc Logo

The Society Inc.

The Society Inc is the creation of Sibella Court who is the director, interior and product designer, author, and shop owner. This talented mind has made her indispensable in the field of hardware, pulls and knobs, homeware, vintage furniture, and styling. Her iconic style and inimitable presentation has brought her international notoriety in the design industry. The Society Inc shop showcases her product range, collaborations and curiosities curated from around the world. There you can get the feel of her style and see if these elements would suit your artistic vision. The true magic from Sibella Court happens within her imaginaries, the design studio. There interior design and product creation come to life. Her work has attracted both commercial and residential clientele. Whether you want a few statement pieces, hardware accents, or a full interior design, look no further. The Society Inc carries ranges in storage, accessories, racks, brackets, shelves, and vintage props.

The Society Inc takes inspiration from Sibella Court’s 27 years of experience in the industry. Her unique style has evolved thanks to her regular involvement with Restoraion Australia. She also dedicates her time travelling and participating in a range of cultural events. If you wish to see finished examples of her design work, you can see her distinctive signature in Hotel Palisade, Bullo River Station, Mr Wong and Palmer & Co. If you appreciate the immersive, unique, and statement style then consider enlisting the help of The Society Inc. If you wish to just boost your existing space with a few finishes, that can be another option. The attention to detail, seamless design, and modern classic aesthetic is perfect for your project.

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Kethy Logo


Kethy supplies the latest design knobs, handles, and architectural hardware for those finishing touches on your projects. The products offered by Kethy are seemingly small, but extremely significant. That is Kethy’s design philosophy. All the products created and selected are “Designs that enhance”. Every knob and handle should amplify the look and function of the furniture they attach to. Kethy offers pieces that are on trend, perfectly suited for timber, or modern aesthetics. Browse through the ranges and collections to find the style best suited for your project. There are black toned handles, brass, and copper accessories, and more to match every cabinet.

The kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or vanity can be taken to the next level with these details. Both, visually and ergonomically the knobs and handles can transform the experience with your furniture. These design details can tie a room together, make it more comfortable to use the furniture, and can complete the desired aesthetic. So much of design is in the smallest parts, so do not sleep on this crucial part of your space.

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Marina Isles Logo

Marina Isles

Marina Isles is an Australian family owned business that began operating in 1992. It all started local craftsman was making hand painted ceramic knobs and basins. His unique and stunning designs inspired Marina and Gary O’Neill to begin a business that offered these unique and gorgeous designs. Now the business has grown into a wholesale and retail supplier of fine architectural hardware for designers, architects, and furniture companies. They separate their ranges by style including the Hampton’s, New Look, French Provincial and more.

There are over 1000 products on offer, all beautifully created to compliment and finish your kitchen and bathroom. Whatever aesthetic you are chasing, Marina isles will have an artisanal and stunning piece. They have everything from industrial hardware to French county farmhouse sinks. They now also carry ultra-modern taps and baths for futuristic homes. Marina Isles ensures that their hardware is visually pleasing along with being functional. This hardware Is therefore user friendly and can subtly be the centrepiece of the room. Tie in your design style and aesthetics with a local Australian business. Hardware and accessories are a vital part in completing the commercial or residential project.

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Lo&Co Logo

Lo & Co

The founders Arielle Lopresti (Lo) and Teegan Cocchiaro (Co) bring together their love affair for beautiful Hardware. This allows them to create conscious design pieces for modern Australian homes. Lo & Co are self-confessed architectural hardware addicts. That continually strive to find new designs and ideas to transform a room. They believe that the details are what can elevate a space and complete an aesthetic. Beautiful architecture hardware is the crowning jewel to beautiful cabinetry, and no home or complete without. Designers, builders, home owners, and commercial space creators all turn to Lo & Co to provide finishing to their spaces.

“Lo” is the design expert that focuses on curating beautiful spaces and places. She has a love for anything marble and brass. This classic yet modern look can be seen in many of the designs offered. “Co” is the texture specialist that designs beautiful hardware for the futures of interior design trends. Texture is a little thought about aspect of space creation but can add character to any room. Dramatic interiors and statement hardware can transform a space. Whether you wish to have a modern and luxurious masterpiece or a quaint and cosy home. All that is needed is a few dainty touches from the expert’s hands.

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