Tips for Gardening with Minimal Space

Gardens require soil, water, time, and care, but they do not require space – that’s just nice to have. Whatever outdoor space you have can be utilised to house your mini garden with anything from potted plants to produce with a little tactical thinking. Whether you’re in the city with a small balcony or in the suburbs with a small porch, these tips will help you get your green thumb on and reap the rewards in no time. 


Begin minimally

With anything new, sometimes it’s best to take things slow and small to learn. Start with 2-3 plants at first to get the hang of their maintenance before investing in a larger garden. This will also help you figure out the best positioning for your plants.

Use a raised garden bed

You can get creative and use anything from an old drawer to an old bath as a raised garden bed (with drilled holes). This will allow you to plant more plants together rather than in individual pots which will take up more space.

Avoid pests

Even the smallest gardens are susceptible to pests! To avoid little critters naturally, spray your plants with soapy water and lavender essential oil twice a month. Lavender is a natural insecticide.

Enjoy it for what it is

Don’t expect to have an elaborate or perfect garden – simply take pride in what you have achieved and you will be rewarded! Gardening can be a challenge so remember to be patient.