Tips to Work with a White Interior

White is the most popular colour when it comes to interiors – it’s fresh, versatile and safe. Being a neutral colour, it matches with anything and works with all styles whether it be modern or rustic. Too much white though can get sterile and make a home look bland so it needs to be complimented.

When we look at the symbolism of white, it represents purity and brilliance. In its positive state, white conveys freshness, cleanliness and simplicity. In its negative state, it conveys starkness and coldness.


Set the tone

There are hundreds of shades of white with different base colours to choose between warm whites or cool whites. Warm whites have a yellowish base so these are tinted cream. They work best if you are trying to achieve a rustic/earthy look. Cool whites have a dark base so these are tinted gray working best with modern sleek styles.


Add neutrals

Neutral colours are subtle and do not dominate (leave that to the white) so they keep the atmosphere neutral as well. Depending on the tone of white you use, adding neutral shades of brown (earth tones, beige, etc.) or grey will add sophistication.

Add vibrancy

As mentioned, white isn’t risky as it goes with just about anything and any other colour mixed with it really pops. The top trending colour at the moment is green, which creates a harmonious and relaxing environment when paired with white – it is the colour of life and nature after all. Whether paired with warm or cool white, any shade of green will come alive – and this includes anything from plants to cushions.