Top 5 Kitchen Layouts

In order to achieve the kitchen of your dreams, you’ll have to decide on the right layout to suit both your needs and style. Kitchen design basically comes down to how you use your kitchen. Whatever your taste, whether it be modern or contemporary, these layouts will give you inspiration and get you in planning mode.


A galley layout consists of two countertops running parallel to each other. This works great for smaller kitchens, but aren’t great for socialising unless you can add seating to one countertop.

One Wall

Another small kitchen layout especially in apartments is exactly what you imagine – everything on one wall. If you’re left with minimal space, perhaps you can set the dining table near to multi-use as another countertop.

U Shape

With three walls of space, the U Shape kitchen provides ample storage space for the average sized kitchen.

G Shape

Working best with open plan living areas, the G Shape layout suits any kitchen size and provides plenty of space for storage, cooking, and even socialising.

L Shape

Known to be the most efficient layout for a small to medium sized kitchen, the L Shape layout allows for the sink, cooktop, and fridge to be within a triangle.