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Top Tips to Style Your Home Office

With so many Australians working from home, there’s never been a better time to style your home office, even if you’re just working on your dining table. Where you work should promote productivity and help keep your mood calm. Here are some tips and ideas to turn that work space into a work haven.


The key to keeping things calm and easy is through organisation both digitally on your computer and physically in your office – missing documents or equipment can be stressful. Invest in drawers, shelves, folders, and/or anything else that will keep your space organised and free of clutter. 

Calming elements

Whatever keeps you relaxed, bring it in! Whether it be plants, soft music, or scents, your productivity will be strong if you feel good inside and out.


Speaking of feeling good, personalising your space with photographs and memorabilia will surely help stimulate positivity.


Colours have meaning and provoke various emotions. Hues of green provoke calm, while hues of yellow provoke happiness and creativity. Before colouring your space, think about what emotions bring out your productivity and choose wisely.

Create a space

If you are working from your dining room table because you don’t have a designated space, MAKE ONE! All you really need is a desk and comfortable chair, which can fit in any tiny nook available – as long as you have a power source nearby.

Home Work desk design with Dark Wood Grain Floor Decor in New South Wales.