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Why A New Kitchen Can Increase Your Central Coast’s Home Value

If you live in the Central Coast and are considering selling your home, you might want to consider having a new kitchen installed, particularly if yours has not been refurbished for a long time. Even the smallest touches, such as installing new worktops, are likely enough to see changes in the value of your property. Here is why:

Modern Design Kitchen

Does A New Kitchen Really Increase Your Home’s Value?

Short answer, yes. No matter which suburb in the Central Coast your property is located in, our experience and real estate data shows that houses that invest in a brand new, refurbished kitchen can go for thousands more than one with a dilapidated one which dates back to the 70s or 80s.

If you want to increase the value of your property through your kitchen, it is essential this is completed by experts. So, there is also a long answer, as there are several ways which will help to bolster the price and make your kitchen the most “modern” it can be. Read on to find out a few of these for yourself.


Did you know that even if your kitchen is small, simply the choice of palette you use can make it look bigger? The property market typically favours white kitchens instead of those which use darker colours, or any shades at all. White paint is easy to contrast with wooden furniture or darker stones such as black marble.

You can even paint previously existing cabinets (or install new ones) with a royal blue, vibrant red or luscious green to add a splash of hue in the appropriate places. Adding just a small dash of colour is beneficial as it can easily be changed by someone who does not like the shade.

Introduce Some High-spec Lighting

Smart lighting features can be a strong selling point when placing your house on the market. Who would say no to a set of lights that can be dimmed and increased on command?

Having this option allows for flexibility in your kitchen’s usage. Romantic, candlelit dinners with the lights turned low, and periods of higher intensity during dark winter months are some of the possibilities that could be appealing to buyers who want to live in style. Equally, anyone with an acute sensitivity to visual brightness could benefit from these new features.

Invest In Appliances

It is always good to have a kitchen that looks visually appealing, but it has to be functional too! A new installation would be pointless if the stove, oven or electrical sockets were out of order or poorly designed. As much as you loved it, the rusty hob you have been using for thirty years has got to go.

You want to make sure that your new appliances are modern. Not only will these be up to safety measures, but they will also save homeowners hours of cleaning and cooking preparation.

Why Does It Increase Value?

The main reason a refurbished kitchen increases the value of a Central Coast home is that it will most likely be the room where your buyers will be spending the majority of their time. Anyone looking to move into your property will be expecting to see a remodelled kitchen, as it saves them the hassle of installing a new one themselves whilst being able to immediately enjoy the luxury of all of your previous design work.

For help with sprucing up your kitchen, contact us at Artform Kitchens. We install new, quality kitchens which will help sell and improve the value of your property. Contact us for a tailored measure and quote today.